Pull Panda

New brand identity that captures the product efficiency and developer friendliness.



Pull Panda helps thousands of teams work together on code and improve their process along the way by combining three features: Pull Reminders, Pull Analytics, and Pull Assigner.


Previously Pull Reminder, Pull Panda had expanded from one product to three. This expansion called for a new identity. Talking with the CEO, we decided that the new identity should be fun but powerful — a reflection of the product's impact and developer friendliness.


logo designs on a white backgound

Exploring possibilities for the new identity

During ideation, I tried to strike a balance between futuristic and cute. After a few iterations, the CEO really liked the idea of a robot panda.

In context

screenshot of slack app

Pull Reminders on Slack before

screenshot of slack app

Pull Reminders on Slack after

Compared to the original generic clock, the new logo gave some personality to the product.

Final results

final logo and mascot

A simplified mascot for small-scale applications, full-detail mascot, and logo

illustration of a panda robot with octocat

Banner art for marketing